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My Dear Colleagues,


Although aesthetic applications on the female genitals have existed since the 2000s, they have increased rapidly since the last 10 years, and we have seen that these procedures, even for aesthetic purposes, produce functional results.

Therefore, the procedures under this topic are not only aesthetic or cosmetic, but also functional. For this reason, it would be appropriate to correct the terminology as "Functional Cosmetic or Aesthetic Gynecology".


Although Functional Cosmetic Gynecology naturally takes place in gynecology, but it should be multidisciplinary in terms of both aesthetic criteria and being functional. Study fields such as Plastic Surgery, Dermocosmetology and Medical Aesthetics, which are related to aesthetics, and other study fields related with the functionality such as Urogynecology, Urology, Psychiatry, Psychology and Sexual Functions should be located within Functional Cosmetic Gynecology.

Functional Cosmetic Gynecology, which has been in a rapid growth especially in the last 10 years and has become more and more popular, shows great progress in number of its sub-titles. The fact that non-surgical procedures are included and preferred more frequently in addition to surgical procedures leads to enrichment of the application procedures. Every day, new studies are carried out and new techniques, new applications and new products are on the agenda. While all these are progressing at a great pace, physicians who position themselves in this study field also need to keep up with this progress, update their knowledge and acquire new ones.

Female Aesthetic Genital Academy (FAGA) is an educational foundation that born out of this need in 2018. FAGA, which organizes trainings to improve the knowledge and skills of physicians working in the field, brings the developments in the field to physicians, introduces new technologies and products to physicians, and aims to support the field of Functional Cosmetic Gynecology by sharing and disseminating information in this way, offers national and international trainers and strong training. It offers world-class trainings to physicians with its content and materials and credits these trainings from world-renowned international accreditation institutions such as AACME* and certifies its trainees.

FAGA will continue to stand by all our colleagues working in the field of Functional Cosmetic Gynecology, aiming to learn the newest and best and thus become competent.



With my love and respect,

Ozgur Leylek

MD ObGyn & CosGyn
Founder & President

*The certificates which are provided by FAGA and AACME at the end of the  course are only for ''ATTANDANCE'' but not for ''AUTHORIZATION''

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